KCP Electronic Skincare Dispenser (92147)

Product Number: KC92147
  • White ABS Plastic with Touchless Dispensing
  • Compatible with the 91591, 34614, 91590, & 6383 Code
  • 184.1mm x 291.3mm x 102.2mm
  • Most hygienic soap dispensing option
  • Reliable, controlled dispensing
  • Indicator lights for low product and low battery
  • White finish suits a wide range of decors

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The KLEENEX® Electronic Cassette Skin Care system is a touchless electronic dispenser in white or brushed metallic, and offers the highest hygiene solution in a high capacity 1200ml format. There are 3 luxurious KLEENEX® skin care formulations to meet differing needs – KLEENEX® Luxury foam Fragrance and Dye Free Skin Cleanser, KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Antibacterial Skin Cleanser and KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Moisturising Instant Hand Cleanser.


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